Boutique Resort Hotel Superiorin Lindau, Lake Constance

Where Lake Constance kisses the Alps.

Lindauer Gartentage garden exhibition

Gartentage 05.-07.05.

Experience the Lindauer Gartentage on the island of Lindau. For everyone who loves flowers and gardens. Read more...

"Rund um" race: sailing event

Rund um 16.-18.6.

Be there live and right in the middle at the magic moment when more than 400 sailing boats start the race. Read more...

"Komm und See" wine festival

Wine festival 07.-09.07.

A journey of discovery around our small but exquisite vineyards around Lake Constance. Enjoy the variety and finesse of the lakeside wines, accompanied by... Read more...

Lindauer Kinderfest children's festival

Children's festival on the 26.07.

Celebrate Lindau's national holiday with us. The children's festival is deeply rooted in the hearts of Lindau people. Its history goes back to the 17th century. Read more...

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