Wellness for mum - Spoil Yourself package - Wellness in pregnancy

Wellness in that special time of pregnancy.

Time for the two of you & now the three of you…

Enjoy a few more relaxing days off before the big event. As the father of four children, I know how important some time out before a imminent birth is. Which is why we have a wellness offer for “both” of you that was specially designed for women in pregnancy. And we haven’t forgotten your partner, either!

A sensuous, romantic bath for two with candlelight & rose petals, and your partner.

Wellness in pregnancy

An overview of your package services

  • 2 nights in your booked room class
  • 2 x half board (3 courses)
  • That Helvetia Feeling Spoil Yourself Full Board

Your treatments

  • 60 min. The”Lightness of Being” pregnancy massage - Specially for the needs of the mum-to-be
  • 30 min. Lovely light legs with decongestant massage

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More pampering highlights

Our belly-button highlight

As the time before birth is one of the most beautiful moments for a mother-to-be to record, we offer the option of having a plaster cast made of your baby bulge.

You also have the option of having this sculpture finished artistically according to your instructions.

60 min. | 88.00€

Enquire 88€ *

Do’s and don’ts for mums-to-be

New phase of live

Pregnancy means the start of a new phase of life for the future parents. For women in particular, the coming nine months are a very precious time and exactly the right moment to do something just for you.

Taking care of yourself and the child…

… that’s the top priority!!! So no more overtime in the office and no marathon drives in your car. It’s better to take life in general a little easier. So consciously treat yourself to time out and take a little nap in the middle of the day.

Snuggle-up time for the two of you & the three of you!!!

At this time, many women dream of a last romantic holiday with their partners. A last holiday before your baby turns night into day whenever he or she feels like it and turns your whole daily routine upside-down. Our offer for such a break extends from spoil-yourself treatments to appointments with midwives and pregnancy exercises.

Keep it simple…

… and the your magic words are “let go” and “relax” Because the more quiet and restful the pregnancy, the healthier and happier your child will be when it comes into the world.

Massages & baths

Taking a spoil-yourself holiday during your pregnancy means you can not only stock up on rest and relaxation, but also just let yourself go once again. Many mothers-to-be experience muscle tension due to the increase and redistribution of body weight associated with pregnancy.

Nothing is more helpful than…

… relaxing massage for the back and neck, for instance, or warm baths. Acupuncture massage is also very popular among pregnant women. Many midwives also swear by acupuncture massage, because it can often shorten the process of birth and these massages are guaranteed to be pain-free and without risk. And contrary to popular opinion, taking a sauna is also recommended for mother and child.

In a sauna, muscles are relaxed, the immune system is strengthened and water accumulating in the tissues is removed more quickly. You should however begin to visit the sauna regularly before you become pregnant, to allow your body to become used to the powerful temperature stimuli.

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