Infinity Source Spa (wellness & naked area)

Bathing moments with an unlimited view…

Though we are always looking for special new water experiences for you and your well-being, we unfortunately could not find anything in the entire wellness market that matched our standards.

We were looking for a pool with a high aesthetic standard that manifested an unpretentious design. We were looking for body-shaped loungers and coloured light therapy. We were looking for water features to touch the senses.

But we were also looking for a cascade-style watercourse that would flow across the entire water surface and harmonise the energy of the water.

As no such highlight existed as yet, we simply planned it according to our ideas and had it made for you in the nearby Bregenz Forest.

We are happy that we can now offer you another wellness highlight in our Boutique Resort Helvetia; we wish you beautiful and restorative bathing moments with an unlimited view over the rooftops of our historic old town of Lindau.

„Sanus per aquam“

Health through water,
that’s what we want to offer you,
that was our goal …

Kind regards, Karl Nitsche

We look forward to seeing you!

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