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Premium Massages

Head, neck and shoulder massage

A combination of a relaxing head massage and loosening grips, for the neck-shoulder area, as well as a circulation-promoting massage for the back clear the head.
60 min. | 88.00€


Aroma massage

A soothing, fragrant massage experience gives you supple, soft skin and an incomparable wellness sensation, relaxes soothes and recovers from head to toe. With an exclusive massage technique we seduce you and your senses.
60 min. | 88.00€


Sports massage

A pleasant, feel-good massage with strong pressure to loosen tense muscles and allow you to relax.
60 min. | 88.00€


Whole body massage - Abhyanga

Experience India and the art of dreaming. Golden oils combined with gentle massage movements in a ying / yang approach purify and detoxify your body, filling you with new strength and energy. For relaxed, restorative well-being for body, mind and spirit.
80 min. | 108.00€


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