Lake Explorer Power Boating

An unusual gift, not only for men. Action on Lake Constance and lots of fun with our brand new Lake Explorer: water skiing, wake boarding, subwing etc.

An unusual gift for men…

One of the reasons for our offers as a water sports centre is the fact that there are women who have no idea what to give the men in their lives any more. Given that Lake Constance is such a unique sports area, the options for an unusual gift are almost inexhaustible.

This boat, made just for us, was given a new design which has completely changed it. However, all the benefits that make for the great success of this boat series are of course still present. The deep V-shape of the hull reduces water resistance and gives the boat the very best performance.

The hard-shell metal boat is suitable for all activities on Lake Constance; it is considered an all-rounder for sea and lake use.

Give a gift of…

Action Boat Ride” - the ultimate “Man Gift”

We go out whatever the weather - and experience “Action on the lake”, our 100 PS Offshore Lake Explorer, lots of water and you at the helm!!!

45 minutes 150.00€ / incl. skipper

Sun Downer excursion into the sunset

45 minutes 150.00€ / incl. skipper

Lake Constance excursion with Prosecco

½ day (3 hours) 275.00€ / incl. skipper

Lake Constance swimming excursion with or without action

½ day 375.00€ / incl. skipper

Lake Taxi Lake Constance

  • Bregenz Festival / outward journey
  • Bregenz Harbour / outward journey
  • Wasserburg / outward journey

Price per person 40.00€

Enquire From 150€ *

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